Greater Philadelphia Center for Spiritual Living
Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Science of Mind 400: Ministry

The purpose of this class is to train a student in effective leadership with an ability to relate the principles of Science of Mind to everyday living and to express these principles in a clear, practical way to persons who are not familiar with them.

On successful completion of this class, the student will be able to demonstrate:

  • A clear understanding of the basic principles of Science of Mind and to relate these principles to the truth within traditional religious teachings
  • An ability to prepare a teaching outline for a class or formal lecture from material within the curriculum of ICSL and to conduct both a class and a formal lecture with clarity, conviction and authority
  • Qualities of leadership in church operation, management, growth and expansion and
  • Ability to clearly teach Science of Mind classes accredited by ICSL or non-accredited Religious Science classes

400 Course Curriculum

  • Introduction - 6 hours
  • Unit 1 - Communications - 60 hours
  • Unit 2 - Ministerial Leadership - 57 hours
  • Unit 3 - Spiritual Perspectives - 57 hours
  • Unit 4 - The Church as a Business - 48 hours

Total - 228 hours

The teaching pastor must have each student sign the agreement as presented in the SOM 400 Curriculum stating that eligibility for the SOM 400 Intensive requires them to 1) pass the SOM 400 qualifying exam, 2) be approved by the Department of Education & Professionalism and the Department of Licensing and Credentials, 3) hold a current ICSL Practitioner License. This agreement also states that the student must participate in the SOM 400 Intensive and pass an oral interview before becoming eligible for ministerial candidacy and that the completion of the SOM 400 Intensive and oral interview does not guarantee a ministerial license


  • Certificates for SOM 100, SOM 200, and SOM 300
  • Acceptance of applicant by the minister after receipt of completed application for enrollment in SOM 400, located in SOM 400 Teacher's Outline
  • Proof of membership in an ICSL church
  • Permission of pastor